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Downloading videos from net is a necessity for most of the people as people intend to save the data and want better picture quality of the videos, hence the need of downloading videos. By downloading videos the user also become free from the worry of the net connection being lost or that the data is being exhausting in streaming of video or that while travelling by air the user would not be able to watch favourite videos etc. By downloading videos the user sort out major part of the worries regarding watching and streaming of videos. And the download of videos is not a very complex task. No special skills are required for downloading a video from websites. Rather this task is the most easiest one. The user simply need to have access to the appropriate device and application for downloading videos from internet. Different softwares and apps are made for different devices so that accelerated download is possible for the separate set of device. for android setup you need vidmate download in your mobile from 9apps store.

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The role of download manager

Download manager performs a very crucial task in the device. This is the software by using which device is able to manage the download from various sites and is able to accelerate the speed of download. Almost every device has its inbuilt download manager but these download managers come with unlimited downloading capacity and because of this the user need to download or install a separate download manager for downloading big files. And the task of finding an appropriate manager for the device is also not very tough for the user because many kind of download managers are available online which are designed specifically for separate kind of device. For example free download manager is designed specifically for Windows and Mac OS. you could not use this app in android you need to download vidmate from 9app. This download manager make the task of video download a matter of minutes.

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Features free download manager

This download manager and shows a safe and secure download of files from internet. This download manager is free as the name of the download manager itself suggest and the user can easily install and download it from the internet. By using this download manager the user can download videos from almost all popular video sharing sites. It support http, https format. Sometimes it happens that when a file is being downloaded the chain of download breaks in between and the download stops but free download manager can manage this problem all by itself and can resume the download of broken download. This download manager is available in 30 languages and can be used in almost all leading countries. best way to get download manager and other apps is 9app store.